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We are a full-service computer and cellphone forensic examination and investigation firm.  Our forensic lab consists of current state and retired federal law enforcement agents that will acquire, examine, and report on digital evidence found on computer hard drives, digital devices, and cellphones.

Our lab personnel will provide forensic support to individuals and businesses and testify as expert witnesses in criminal and civil cases.  Our forensic lab’s ability to recover deleted texts, pictures, emails, and much more, will be the difference that wins your case.

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We offer background investigations utilizing information and records from past criminal cases, civil litigation, telephone records (which may include location information), financial documents, employment records, driving records, property deeds, and  internet/social networking websites.



Utilize years of experience conducting physical protection and advance site security for the world's most powerful leaders.  Our experience in presidential security can conduct an advance of any residence, business or public arena and provide the safest and most efficient security survey.

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